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Organizations spend a tremendous amount of resources providing web-based, instructor led, computer based, and on-the-job training only to see limited if any lasting change and improvement in performance.  What is missing is a plan for learning transfer.   The impact of a training event is more dependent upon the level of post-training performance support and various key workplace characteristics than by the trainer or training itself.    

Applying Learning specializes in translating formal and informal training into real performance improvement.   Applying Learning can help you create the supporting events, material, and receptive environment critical for a trainee to apply the knowledge and skills covered in a training event.   

Does This Sound Familiar?

A group of employees attend a training event where they receive content on how to most effectively and efficiently perform various duties expected of them.  

When trainees apply the new techniques and skills supervisors provide feedback indicating that this is not how it is done in real life and not how they want it done.  The result….

Training dollars are wasted.
Employee motivation is decreased.
Stakeholders view of the training is diminished.

Was the training faulty?  Was the trainer ineffective?
Probably not.

What Was Missing?

The transfer strategy! The negative outcomes are a result of a failure to integrate training into the work environment.  There are many ways to prevent or overcome such failures.

The optimal approach in this situation would be to involve the supervisors in measuring application of the training content, thereby requiring knowledge and support of the new techniques while providing important learning measurement data. 

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